Eallin TV s.r.o. was founded in 2004. Right after its establishment it became very popular for its complex approach and wide technological background.

Eallin TV has a creative team, who is able to process concepts, thoughts and assignments from the very first idea, through the arrangement of filming up to post-production and final export.

We produced tens of videos, TV magazines such MusicBlok, the provocative Queer, reality TV series Ano trenére! (Yes, Coach!) or the performed TV series Ententýky (Czech TV series about parental, family and personal issues). Currently we are working on a sitcom series.

We are a sister company Eallin / Motion Art, the largest animation studio in Central Europe, the company Nomad Films Prague, production of TV commercials management.

Our vision

We are a creative company producing a brilliant content for the most of the current media.

We believe that each man, each organization and each product has its strong story to tell. Our mission is to find that story, lay meaningful questions to our clients to disclose the essential and to make their story unique.

We help our clients who need to forward information to their employees, customers and investors. We know how to stimulate a spectator on a deeper emotional level and in the most effective way; through a movie, detail, color, word or heart.

At first we learn about your goals, time and financial possibilities, make ourselves confident in the environment, in which your company is active, and find out the way your competition communicates. After that we focus on searching for needed information, on the basis of which we create your story. We present you that story in form of a scenario attached with a proposal for an adequate visual design. If you are positive that our offer contains the tools through which you can reach your set goals, we produce a video for you, a web, a case study or a print.

Fulfillment of our work

We produce a Corporate Film for intended for B2B, an educational or motivational movie for employees, Banded Content, Viral videos, simply everything that can help you reach the determined target group.

EALLIN TV is a member of the international Eallin network and a member of the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers. That enables us to shoot and work abroad and still remain effective as regards both economy and creativity. We are a suitable partner for companies with global overlap as well as for locally active organizations.

A project (registration number: 0380000528) entitled "Proposal of logo and brand design including development of variants for further use" was implemented, focused on the creation of a logo and brand design including development of variants for further use, funded by the European Union - Next Generation EU.

Ministerstvo Kultury NextGenerationEU Národní plán obnovy

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